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Торговые часы

Инструмент Название Часы работы (GMT) Перерыв (GMT)
Forex All currency pairs Sun 21:00 - Fri 21:00 * Daily 20:57 up to 21:15**
Metals XAUUSD, XAUEUR, XAGUSD, XAGEUR Sun 22:00 - Fri 21:00 Daily 21:00 - 22:00
AUS200v The Australian Stock Exchange Index Daily 23:50-20:00 Daily 06:30-07:10
CAC40v French Stock Exchange Index Daily 06:00-20:00 None
DAX30v German Stock Exchange Index Daily 06:00-20:00 None
FTSE100v FT & LSE - London Stock Exchange Index Daily 07:00-20:00 None
ITA40v Italian Stock Exchange Index Daily 07:00-15:40 None
SPA35v Spanish Stock Exchange Index Daily 07:00-15:30 None
SUI30v Switzerland Stock Exchange Daily 5:50-15:25 None
SWE30v Swedish Stock Exchange Daily 07:00-15:20 None
UKOILv Brent Crude Oil Mon 00:00-Fri 20:45 Daily 21:15-00:00
USA30v Dow Jones Industrial Average Sun 22:00- Fri 20:15 Daily 20:15-20:30
USA100v NASDAQ Sun 22:00- Fri 20:15 Daily 20:15-20:30
USA500v S&P 500 Sun 22:00-Fri 20:15 Daily 20:15-20:30
USOIL West Texas Intermediate Light Crude Oil Sun 22:00-Fri 20:45 Daily 21:15- 22:00


* Streaming prices on forex instruments are available from 22:00 GMT Sunday till 22:00 GMT Friday. Trading functionality is available from 22:15 GMT Sunday till 21:50 GMT Friday. Trading sessions often resume earlier (22:05 GMT), but some of the banks may stay offline as late as 22:15 GMT.

** On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday there are breaks in the quote and trading sessions from 21:57 GMT and lasting up to 22:15 GMT. The length of these breaks may vary with the end of day (EOD) connection reset times of individual liquidity providers.

*** An everyday scheduled reboot of the trading server.